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Arosa is situated at the end of a romantic valley in an open basin. In other words, there’s plenty of sunshine, hardly any strong winds, and zero through traffic. That’s why it’s so beautifully bright, peaceful and clean in Arosa. No wonder, then, that Arosa has been a popular alpine climatic health resort since 1877.

Community of Arosa

There are many things that are typical for Arosa. Happy to be listed: Friendly squirrels on the squirrel trail. Pedalos on the upper lake. Sandy beach on the lower lake. Fantastic views from the Weisshorn or Rothorn. Arosa Ice Hockey Club. Play curling. Humor Festival. Skicup and Sknoboard races. And anyway: endless ski slopes and hiking trails. 

Hotel Prätschli
CH-7050 Arosa

Reception +41 (0) 81378 80 80


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